Saturday, July 25, 2009


Blah, blah, blah. So when do we get to toss you down a hole and then sell you into slavery?


cmsigler said...

This "thing" has bothered me all week! Not that I'm obsessing or anything... but I think I've finally got it placed. This reminds me of some pinatas I've seen. They have pixelated, closely mixed colors and their surface is made of plastic strands which have a rough, ragged appearance.

My attempt at a witty comment would be, "We're possessed of the urge to take a swing at you with the processional cross, in hopes that when you break open candy will pour out!"

But Christopher's coat-of-many-colors comment is beyond compare. I honestly LOL'ed when I read it. You are my better, sir!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A crazy quilt was recycled to make this, probably because it was so loud that you couldn't sleep under it unless you wore sunglasses.

--However it would add dignitas and improve the tone of the Lesbian Beach Liturgy (pictured earlier) if worn by the celebrant and deacon.

Anonymous said...

I recognize this photograph -- being a quilter, I suppose it comes from a quilters website that I've visited, or possibly an illustration in a book I've read. Why would you suppose that it might be meant for liturgical use? The pose is certainly not liturgical. The simple fact that an art work bears a title referring to something in the Bible doesn't mean that it's intended to be liturgical art. I do believe this is simply a patchwork project, playing on rainbows or the color wheel. Quite innocent, and not really deserving of disdain on your blog.