Monday, July 27, 2009


When I go to church, I'm really not interested in any artistic statement you think you need to make. Because as strange as it may sound, church actually isn't about you.


Anonymous said...

CSI is gonna have a heck of a time figuring out what left that blood spatter pattern.


sagacious and tasteful said...

Howdy--it sure looks like a tippet to me! Still, I'd "tippet" over in a minute. Right overboard. Ghastly.

And I'm a professional church musician. I hate, hate, HATE cutesy chachkes with treble clefs on them.

Congratulations on pointing out the sartorial horrors of post-modern "Xtianity," and for pointing out that "it's not supposed to be about you." Good blog!

Theophil Jones said...

Really? No one made the "black and white and red all over" joke?